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Everyone has been to Turkey at least once. Some people fall in love with this country and go here to sunbathe every summer, others remain indifferent. Our team at Bali Stay thinks Turkey is just different. Like the beaches, nature, level of service and attractions in these cities are very different.

Resorts of Turkey

In Antalya, drinking, walking and having fun

The main resort of Turkey, which turns into a summer cottage for Russians. Walking along the embankment in the evening, you might think that you are back in your native Samara and even meet a couple of acquaintances. This is a rather large metropolis with a developed infrastructure for tourists.

There is everything for a crazy break – noisy nightclubs, beach bars with foam parties, karaoke and 24-hour shops. Hundreds of excursions, souvenir shops, Turkish delicacies. Water parks complement the image of a cheerful tourist city. Antalya is an excellent resort for young people and active tourists. Good for excursions, but not for a quiet family vacation.

Beaches: sandy, equipped, but in high season are not clean due to the large influx of tourists.

What to do in Antalya: hang out until the morning at discotheques, do diving, bargain at souvenir markets of tourist streets Gulluk and Ishiklar, try all kinds of Turkish kebabs in restaurants, see the ancient buildings in the Old Town, see the Fountain Show at night.

What is missing: secluded sea coves, clean beaches.

To take the kids to Kemer

The resort is only an hour’s drive from Antalya, but it is very different. There are noisy bars and discos only in the town of Kemer, and in the surroundings – Beldibi, Tekirova, Kirisha, Heinjuk there is a calm resort atmosphere. There are coniferous forests around, which bring pleasant coolness and fresh air.

The temperature here is always a couple of degrees lower than in Antalya. Hotels in the cities are aimed at family recreation, there is animation, water slides, and playgrounds, so it is good to relax with children. Beautiful embankments with souvenir trays, clothes, Turkish sweets do not let adults get bored.

Beaches: pebbles, but some hotels bring in sand on purpose. Entrance to the water is gentle but stony – it’s better to bring rubber slippers if you’re afraid of getting hurt by stones.

What to do in Kemer: sunbathe, swim, go on an excursion to Antalya, Pamukkale, rafting or fishing, take picturesque photographs against the background of mountains and the sea, dive with a mask and see all the colorful fish off the coast, go to the shopping center “Migros” for things and souvenirs.

What is missing: silence and tranquility, in Kemer itself there are practically no sightseeing tours.

In Belek, only with a gold credit card

Turkey’s most luxurious resort Belek is about 25% more expensive than other cities. Entertainment here is appropriate: golf courses of premium class, designer shopping with high price tags, elite fish and meat restaurants, spa centers. Troy, water park is open for children and attracts visitors from all over Turkey.

Around Belek there are pine and eucalyptus forests, where turtles live. Huge coach lay eggs on the coast, so you can easily see these cute creatures right next to your lounge chair. Koi and see all the colorful fish off the coast, go to the shopping center Migros for things and souvenirs.

What is missing: silence and tranquility, in Kemer itself there are practically no sightseeing tours.

Belek beaches: the coast is completely divided between hotels – here only private beaches with golden sand, outsiders with bracelets of other hotels are not allowed in the territory. Guests of 4-star hotels can sunbathe on one of the two public beaches.

What to do in Belek: swim in the sea, sunbathe and enjoy a VIP-rest, try freshly caught trout in a fish restaurant, go to the spa for the program “Anti-stress”, play golf, see the ruins of the ancient city at 30 km from Belek, go to the water park, even if you do not have children.

What is missing: cheap Turkish souvenirs, 3* hotels by the sea, inexpensive cafes and entertainment.