Seaside Resorts

Every year more and more tourists choose to spend their holidays in the city of Trapani.

There are many reasons why visitors prefer Trapani to alternative summer destinations:

  • is a city rich in history and monumental beauty;
  • is the city of the large and picturesque Salt Pans;
  • is a city rich in beaches.

What are the best beaches in the city of Trapani?

The seaside resorts in the territory of Trapani are both small and large. There are both sandy and rocky beaches. You can swim in the sea in the city centre or in the surrounding area. There are beaches for families with children and nature trails for adventurers.

The beaches of Trapani and its surroundings are many, have different characteristics but are united by a beautiful sea, crystal clear and transparent.

Because of their diversity I decided to present them one by one, from those in the city center to those of the beautiful coasts of the Egadi.

You can decide your destination and choose among the best beaches in the city of Trapani and its surroundings. Some of them are among the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

San Giuliano beach – Erice

It is one of the most famous and popular beaches of the coast of Trapani, a historic holiday resort and beloved by locals and tourists alike. The beach is very long, it extends for about two kilometers and is characterized by very clear colors, those of fine white sand and clear and transparent sea.

Most of the beach is free, the rest has some establishments known for the variety of services offered. For the sandy nature of the beach, the sea is easily accessible to all, making this place suitable for all types of bathers. The depth of the water is gradual as you move away from the beach.

For those staying in Trapani or in the immediate vicinity this beach is one of the most deserving destinations: a few kilometers from the center you will find a beautiful sea, a clean and well maintained beach, full of services, convenient to reach and well connected by various means of transport.

Torre di Ligny Beach – Trapani

Located at the extreme border of the city, where history and nature meet, the beach of Torre di Ligny is one of the most beautiful places in Trapani. It is the point where the Tyrrhenian Sea kisses the Channel of Sicily and from here you can admire the Egadi Islands on one side and the profile of Mount Erice on the other.

The beach is small and consists mainly of rocks, but despite this is easy to reach, easy to travel and access to the sea is not difficult. For further ease you can also use rubber shoes.

The tower overlooking the sea is also a monument rich in history because in the past was the stronghold of the defense of the city and now houses the Civic Museum Tower of Ligny. There are few cities that can boast such a seductive place: the beach of Torre di Ligny is a small and precious strip of natural beauty placed in the shadow of the history of Trapani.

Beach of the Walls of Tramontana outside Porta Ossuna Trapani

Under the mighty medieval walls of ancient Trapani there is the beach of the Walls of Tramontana. The sand is fine and golden and the waters are clear and crystal clear. The beach is within walking distance if you choose accommodation in the center of Trapani.

The water acquires depth very slowly and the shallow sea of the shore makes the beach a safe and quiet destination, especially for families with children. Access by a staircase that descends from the walk on the walls or through Porta Ossuna.

Beach of Lido Paradiso – Trapani

Another seaside resort in the city is Lido Paradiso, a private beach rich in tourist facilities, cabins, bathing establishments, villages and resorts. It can only be accessed for a fee. Thanks to its many facilities and services, it is recommended for families and groups of tourists who want to have every possible comfort at hand.

Beach of the Coast – Trapani

Central beach, in the historic center of Trapani, is the Coastal Beach. It is easily reached through a path accessible on foot. The beach is small but well served, clean and very quiet, ideal for those who want to enjoy a few hours at sea without too much crowd.

Beach of Marausa Lido – Paceco

Located just in front of the Egadi Islands, in a corner of Paradise between the Salt Pans Reserve and Birgi Airport, we find the beach of Marausa Lido, a charming and popular holiday resort just eight kilometers from Trapani. It is one of the largest beaches on the coast of Trapani, perhaps the best among them, and is therefore one of the most popular seaside resorts for tourists and locals.

The sea almost always looks like a calm and flat table, with very suggestive natural colors, shallow waters and often warmer than those of most other beaches. It is sandy, very clean, light-colored, almost white, and enjoys a greater tranquility than many other holiday resorts, also by virtue of its breadth. The resort can be easily reached by any means.

The beach is largely free, although there are also some beaches that offer a wide variety of services and entertainment for all types of tourism. From here you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, with the sun disappearing behind the Egadi Islands.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II beach – Trapani

Located in front of the square of the same name, this is one of the beaches easily accessible from the center. It is a very popular place, a large beach and free access, ideal for those who want to take a bath without moving from the beauty of the historic center. The seabed is shallow and the water is calm and beautiful blue.

Beaches of Favignana – Egadi Islands

With its 33 km of coastline, the island of Favignana, the largest of the Egadi, offers to lovers of the sea a variety of solutions, able to satisfy every type of tourism.Whether you prefer bays and coves or wide beaches, cliffs and sandy expanses, Favignana will be able to satisfy you.

Giving you breathtaking landscapes, intense and enchanting naturalistic visions and a sea always beautiful.And all this without renouncing to the amusements, the relax, the amusements, the services and the comforts of an unforgettable vacation. Favignana is the largest of the Egadi Islands, one of the places of tourist interest to see in Sicily.

Beaches and coves of Marettimo – Egadi Islands

The island of Marettimo has a predominantly rocky territory, its geography is largely mountainous and wooded, its nature is harsh and unspoiled.For this reason we have a few pebble beaches within easy reach and a large number of caves and coves inaccessible only reachable from the sea. These coves make those who love adventurous tourism and trekking or snorkeling activities happy.

The beaches of Scalo Vecchio and Scalo Nuovo, in correspondence of the old and the new port: they are easily accessible, the waters are clear, bright, green and are also suitable for families with children.

Praia dei Nacchi is a very suggestive stony beach, easy to reach after a 20-minute walk from the village. The beach of Cretezzo is one of the most beautiful coves of Marettimo and can be reached on foot in about two hours walk from the village. The beach is stony and the sea is transparent.

Beaches and coves of Levanzo – Egadi Islands

The smallest of the Egadi has a mostly impervious territory, with jagged coasts reachable by sea. There are no sandy beaches where you can plant umbrellas and hang out towels.

The only beach that can be easily reached is that of the port of Levanzo. Known as Cala Dogana, it is very small and is characterized by pebbles and gravel.


Much more evocative are the attractive inlets of Cala Minnola, with its cliffs bathed by a sea of irresistible beauty, Cala Fredda and Cala Tramontana, both with small beaches of rocks and stones.