Tourist Spots

Palinuro, in the heart of the National Park of Cilento and Valle del Diano, is perhaps the most famous seaside resort of Campania, a real jewel for your summer holidays with children. Do you know that it is Green Flag also this year?

The Italian paediatricians have assigned it to him both for the environmental, hygienic, health and organizational aspects. And the beaches of Palinuro also have the Blue Flag for clean water, the beautiful beaches, maintained and organized.

We recommend the wide beach of Saline with fine golden sand, shallow and sandy seabed, which slopes gently, perfect for children who can play in the transparent water in peace. The beaches of Arco Naturale and Marinella are also worth a visit.

The magic of the caves to discover by boat

If you love boat trips you can not miss the trips that are organized on site to reach the famous caves. The Blue one is one of the most suggestive: when the sunlight penetrates into the cavity, through a sea siphon, the waters become bright blue and everything becomes magic.

The Cave of the Monks is rich in stalactites and stalagmites that create the illusion of seeing monks praying, the Blood Cave is so called because its walls rich in minerals and iron in contact with the water are tinged with red. Who will be the first to find a limestone formation that resembles the head of a dolphin?

Children will be amazed to see the prehistoric charm of the Ossa cave, where you can see fragments of bones from past eras and fossils of shells on the walls. While the Sulphur cave, with double arch of the entrance, is characterized by the smell of sulfur. And what is the name of the Silver Cave? The silver colour due to the presence of sulphur on the bottom of the deep blue sea water that mixes with the thicker sulphurous water.

A journey into prehistory

If you love archaeology, we recommend you visit the Antiquarium, a building overlooking the sea, in Ficocella. In the small museum you can admire archaeological finds dating back to prehistoric and Greek times, found in a succession of excavations since 1948.

Observing objects and tools of various kinds, which testify to the presence of a community in close contact with the Greek populations of the coast, will allow you to take a dip in a distant past and rich in charm. Look for the ancient silver coin Pal-Mol used by the first inhabitants of the hill of Molpa.

Children can have fun fantasizing about the life of our ancestors through the discovery of numerous wrecks from the Hellenistic period sunk in the sea of Palinuro.

A network of museums

The whole area of Cilento hosts several interesting museums that, thanks to the cooperative Effetto Rete, prepare exciting ad hoc routes with expert guides to capture the attention of children. For example, at the Palaeontological Museum of Magliano Vetere (just over an hour from Palinuro) what magic for children to see in a Diorama the reconstruction of an environment inhabited by small dinosaurs and discover fossils under a microscope!

At the Naturalistic Museum of Corleto are involved in observing many species of birds and can participate in a game like “treasure hunt”, to identify in which showcase are the animals that they must find.

In half an hour from Palinuro you will be at the Antiquarium of Roccagloriosa, where Lucanian tombs have been found, including that of Princess Phystelia who will come back to life by means of an actress who will involve children in the story of her life at the time of the Lucanians.

In the pools… at the bottom of the sea!

Do you love the sea and the fabulous world that inhabits it? Then you must visit the Living Museum of the Sea in the municipality of Pollica, 30 km from Palinuro. In 3 rooms are distributed 10 large tanks that each house a typical marine habitat characteristic of the Cilento coast.

A total of about 100 marine species and for children will be a unique experience the Tactile Bath where you can touch algae, fish, shellfish and starfish. A full sensory immersion in the depths typical of the Tyrrhenian Sea where you have swam a few moments before.

Paestum and Velia: natural adventure parks

Don’t miss two unique archaeological sites not far from Palinuro, heading north. First of all the wonderful Paestum, recognized by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site” and one of the most important and best preserved.

Make your children live this experience as if it were a mission, in true Indiana Jones style. A breathtaking dive into history in a unique environment between urban planning and the three great temples. Not to be missed is a visit to the Archaeological Museum where you will find an important collection of antiques from Magna Graecia, among which the frescoes from the Tomb of the Diver stand out.

Site and museum offer your child different ideas to have fun imagining the daily life of the time, including Greek myths, architecture, gladiators and heroes. Workshops and educational activities with workshops, simulations of excavation and game visits will make the visit even more fun and active! The archaeological site of Velia (the ancient Elea), in Ascea Marina, also has a great charm.

The suggestion of the ruins of the ancient city, also a “World Heritage Site”, will be tangible even we your children, while you will walk through the different residential areas where there are also medieval remains. You can book guided tours for families to the archaeological excavations.

A sea of activities at the Alento River Oasis

About an hour from Palinuro we propose the Oasis of the Alento River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this natural habitat you can relax and learn about the different types of forests in which you can recognize the otter, the bigeye and the sea jay, species at risk of extinction. In the dam then, if you pay attention, you can see grey herons, water merlons and small waders.

There are entertainment activities and creative workshops for your children and since nature is really inviting, you are spoilt for choice to enjoy it fully between relaxation and outdoor activities: mountain biking, horseback riding or boat trips, hiking, birdwatching, rowing and archery are some of the possibilities.